Chronoscope: a device used in science fiction to view the past and future.

About Chronoscope

Founded in 2016 by science fiction enthusiast and writer Sue Kim, Chronoscope Magazine is an online magazine that seeks to break boundaries in speculative fiction. Our writers challenge the limits of imagination, spinning tales about everything from sociological SF and magic realism to space empires and epic sword-and-sorcery.

Chronoscope resides solely online, in the form of webpages and downloadable PDFs. Each issue also includes art features, author interviews, Q&As, and unique insights from inside our writers’ minds. The magazine is currently on a biannual schedule, set to release a spring and fall issue every year. As of now, we only take prose and art submissions, though nonfiction is currently under consideration. We encourage new writers to submit their work here, regardless of previous publication history or lack thereof.

Short science fiction and fantasy are often eclipsed by milder trends in the mainstream. Our mission at Chronoscope Mag is to gather a network of unique-minded writers and provide a place for them to display their stories of the wildly fantastical and the terrifyingly possible. Though firmly planted in the themes, messages, and trends of the present, this journal has one foot in the past, one in the future, and one in the unknown. In essence, this is the nurturing ground of the writers of tomorrow.

Bring us your wild fantasies, your chilling prophecies. Pick apart human nature with a hammer and a needle, and force us to face uncomfortable truths. Redefine the spirit of science fiction and fantasy. That’s what we’re here for.